Friday, May 17, 2013

The Dead Matter (2010) - Review

T'was five months ago
On a cold New Year's Eve
My friends and I
Were in need of reprieve

We scuttled to town
To the Redbox we dashed
In gloves and in hoodies
We were back in a flash

We popped in the film
And were greeted with noise
The horrible music
Brought such New Years joy

We started the film
And did nothing but laugh
For this was a movie
Made of nothing but gaffs

Loaded up on caffeine
We all took a swig
And spat it all out
When we saw the great wig

The antagonist's hairpiece
Looked like it once lived
And died on his noggin
After it had been shived

The rest of the movie
Was funny and cheap
And the night the dead mattered
Was my best night of sleep

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