Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hannah Takes the Stairs (2007) - Review

Hannah is a slut. Hannah destroys the relationships of everyone she knows because she's a slutty slut of Slutdonia and falls in love with every guy she sees. Oh wait, no, she's charming. Or something. This movie is everything wrong with indie movies. This is the kind of movie you watch and say "I could make a movie better than that". No one in it is even remotely competent at acting, and seeing as they all "co-wrote" the film (read: improvised), they aren't very competent writers either.

Oh it's funny though. It's very funny to watch the actors pretentiously stumble their way through the script probably written out on a cocktail napkin, riddling their sentences with ums, uhs, and likes. If someone decided to edit together a very boring group of 20-somethings' lives for a couple of days, this would probably look pretty similar. Except maybe the emotions would be more convincing. It would probably be (intentionally) funnier too. But you do owe it to yourself to watch this movie. Use it as a guide on how to NOT make independent films. Do use a script. Do get real actors. Do shoot in other places than a single apartment. Do have a plot and emotional arc. Do attempt to inject some comedy and drama into your comedic drama. Do NOT make Hannah Takes the Stairs. Do not make Hannah Takes the Stairs unless you want the world to laugh at you.

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