Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Predators (2010) - Review

I can't say that I went into this one with high hopes. Adrian Brody is one of the least charismatic mainstream actors today, and he is not fit for the (anti)hero of an action film. Throw in a generic script full of cannon fodder douchebag characters, NO character development, and some pretty lackluster actions scenes and you've got yourself a winner. Where this movie truly fails is in its complete refusal to do anything interesting. Do you enjoy watching people walk through the woods, but are too lazy to do it yourself? Then this movie is for you.

Most of the casting decisions are awful, and that really drags down this already poor script. Adrian Brody is doing his best Christian Bale as Batman impression, and just because Robert Rodriguez is involved does NOT mean Danny Trejo has to be in it. Laurence Fishburne is in the movie for five minutes and manages to be the most memorable, but not in a good way. Oh not in a good way at all. The only casting decision that wasn't awful was Topher Grace, who did a pretty good job in bringing a shallow and trite character to life.

Maybe this one is my lack of Predator knowledge talking, but what's the deal with the different planet? Is it just coincidentally a completely Earth-like planet capable of sustaining life? Or did the Predators go to extra trouble to set it up that way? And do they really have nothing better to do than hunt humans all day? And why only three Predators at a time? Maybe this is nitpicking or whatever, but this movie doesn't explain anything.

All in all, this is a dull movie that really doesn't have anything to say. It doesn't deliver even from an action standpoint, much less hold any dramatic weight. It's a completely lifeless movie with almost nothing going for it, aside from Topher Grace. Just watch Spider-Man 3 instead. Or From Dusk Till Dawn if you want something Robert Rodriguez related.

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