Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Project X (2012) - Review

Teen movies are a tricky thing to create.  Man, John Hughes made it look so easy.  But for every great 80s teen flick, there's a crappy one.  That doesn't even count the resurgence of teen movies in the late 90s and 00s (the best ones probably being Can't Hardly Wait and Take Me Home Tonight, if you remove all of Dan Fogler from the latter).  Project X is a party movie; it's sort of like Superbad if the characters were completely irredeemable dicks.  Completely irredeemable dicks who also aren't very funny.

It's pretty standard stuff.  Party party party, drinking, sex, etc.  Whatever, you've seen it all before and you've seen it done much better than this.  There isn't all that much to say about it other than the story is generic and played out and the pacing is not unlike that of a slug dusted with salt.  You could bake a Thanksgiving turkey in the time it takes to watch this movie.  Just do yourself a favor and watch one of the aforementioned films and opt for a cooler party instead.  Preferably one with Ethan Embry and Seth Green.

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