Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mirror Mirror (2012) - Review

2012 was a big year for Snow White... for some reason.  With this film as well as Snow White and the Huntsman, the frost queen has seen a real resurgence.  Psh, God knows why though.  I mean sure, the original animated film is certainly a classic, but is it really a story that lends itself to a lot of interpretation?  Especially TWO in one year?  Especially with NEITHER of them being any good?  Well I'm assuming Huntsman wasn't good; I didn't see it.  Maybe one Theron and a Hemsworth cancel out a Stewart, but until proven otherwise, I'll assume it's bad.  And I know this one is.

You just need to watch one scene of Julia Roberts and her smug overacting to see what's wrong with this movie.  I'm all for hamming it up, but she's doing it all wrong.  Watch Sir Bruce Campbell for a good example of ham.  Roberts plays the role like she's in a high school play, and quite frankly, the quality of the film isn't far off.  It's so bland and unremarkable; there's really no "adaptation" here.  It's just a very straightforward and boring interpretation of the tale, albeit a bit cutesy and ever-so-slightly self-aware.  It's like they watched Enchanted and decided the storybook part was too generic and that they wanted to do something similar in tone, just with an established franchise.

Sadly, Julia Roberts is the most memorable aspect of the movie.  Lily Collins looks the part (certainly moreso than Kristen Stewart), but has very little personality.  But what can you really bring to the part of Snow White?  The movie looks very "fantastical" in that bland, over-designed Disney kind of way, and everything plays out exactly like you might expect.  Typically, even the most straightforward of adaptations bring at least a little to the table.  Tangled isn't a fantastic movie, but it scored points by taking an underused fairy tale, injecting a couple lively songs, and having a great cast of voices to boot.  Mirror Mirror has nothing to keep it from drifting away into the sea of kid-friendly tripe in which it so deservingly belongs.

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