Friday, April 12, 2013

Paranormal Entity (2009) - Review

You've gotta love Asylum.  I'm assuming this is by Asylum (the notoriously cheap production company that exists solely to make movies that old people will confuse with blockbusters at the video store), because my brain cannot fathom the concept of multiple companies doing this kind of thing.  It's absolutely shameless, but kind of brilliant at the same time.  I mean you have these awful awful movies made for three or four rolls of pennies, you take plot elements from better (or at the very least, bigger) films, throw some bad community actors in, and voila!  Once you crap out a title that's similar to the blockbuster, you've got yourself a hefty profit.  Pretty smart thinking there, Asylum.  You keep duping those dummies who refuse to look carefully at movie covers.

Oh yeah, the movie is bad.  But you knew that.

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