Wednesday, January 29, 2014

That's My Boy (2012) - Review

Yes, it IS as funny as it looks!
I don't hate Adam Sandler.  I really don't.  Billy Madison, Big Daddy, and especially The Wedding Singer are great comedies.  And hey, Reign Over Me and Funny People prove that he can be a solid dramatic actor as well.  But what is up with his terrible cash-in projects that he seems to release every year or so?

Unlike most of his other garbage movies of the past few years like Just Go With It, Jack and Jill, etc, this one is strangely aimed at the more raunchy fans.  And I bet dumb frat boys will just love this movie because there is a lot of that kind of crude and classless 'comedy'.

Andy Samberg is also stooping quite a bit lower than he should with this one, because Hot Rod and the funny side of Lonely Island prove that he can be pretty hilarious as well.  At least he's the 'straight man' in the film, playing a far less reprehensible character than Sandler.

Mkay, let's not cut any corners here.  I don't remember much of this movie; it's been almost a year since I saw it and I have no intention on seeing it again.  I do remember the groan-inducing night that this movie produced, however.  Not even enjoyable in a Little Nicky so-bad-it's-at-least-a-little-funny kind of way, That's My Boy is just one of those movies that's completely awful in every aspect, without the entertainment value that makes awful movies worth watching.  Plus... Vanilla Ice is a major character.  Make of that what you will.

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