Monday, June 11, 2012

Shrooms (2007) - Review

I guess no one watches a movie called Shrooms expecting it to be good. But even setting an especially low bar for movies with dumb names, it still fails to impress. It's a typical fairly low-budget slasher with pretty much nothing new to offer aside from the gimmicky premise involving hallucinogenic mushrooms.  It's very much like those cheap "After Dark" horror movies that get produced en masse every year with relatively bad unknown actors and a very cliche set of characters being idiots.

The plot is as follows: characters are idiots.  Idiots go to secluded area to do drugs (in this case, the titular shrooms).  Idiots are killed off one by one in generic slasher fashion.  Most cliche twist ending possible.  It's one of those twists that's so overused that it almost isn't even a twist anymore.  It would be more of a twist to have the killer be the main character's father, and that wouldn't even make any sense within the context of the movie.

The acting is all pretty mediocre; no one is over-the-top terrible, but there are no performances that manage to transcend the godawful writing and become likeable.  Every character is vile and stupid besides the quintessential 'good girl', and even she has her moments.  The writing is trash.  How do horror writers not understand that horror is and cannot be effective if the main characters are insufferable douchebags?  The Thing, The Exorcist, The Evil Dead, A Nightmare on Elm Street... these are effective horror movies because the characters are likeable, or at the very least, relatable.  I can't relate to a bunch of druggie douchenozzles.  Maybe that's a problem with me.

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Jean said...

Will definitely stay away from this movie!