Sunday, May 13, 2012

Deep Blue Sea (1999) - Review

After Jurassic Park hit it big, there must have been a bunch of animals-eating-trapped-people movies. Even as late as '99, we were still feeling the effects of the dinosaur classic.  Deep Blue Sea is pretty much just Jurassic Park with sharks (and both even have Samuel L. Jackson in them) but it certainly opts to take a cheesier route.

Really the whole thing feels like a high-budget made for Syfy (or at the time it had the much more sensible name of Sci-Fi) flick.  The only difference is that it actually had a couple of stars like Jackson in there.  None of the actors are particularly good, but Thomas Jane is the most likable of the bunch as he pulls off the action hero thing decently.  Even LL Cool J is decently entertaining (sort of in a bad way) as the super religious cook.

But the actors aren't helped by the incredibly corny script.  The biggest problem with the movie is that it doesn't really know what it wants to be most of the time.  Either the script is intentionally cheesy and the dramatic moments don't belong at all, or the script is dead-serious and the writers are just incompetent.  I tend to side with the former, as it seems so goofy and badly written that it has no other choice but to be done so intentionally.

Either way, it doesn't really make the movie good, but in all honesty it is pretty fun once the sharks get loose.  The first act of buildup is pretty dull because it leans more towards the serious side and as mentioned earlier, the film can't pull off serious very well.  But the CGI is pretty dated and funny by this point and there are a lot of bad lines and line-readings to keep you entertained for the duration.  Definitely would be a great Syfy movie but only a sub-par regular movie.

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