Sunday, April 15, 2012

Super Shark (2011) - Review

Who doesn't love a good B-movie?  Heck, who doesn't love a bad one?  Super Shark is one of those weird movies that is sort of both.  It's good in the sense that it remains at least relatively funny the whole way through.  It's bad in the sense...well all other senses.  But no one rents a movie called Super Shark expecting it to be Jaws; you really know what you're getting into with these crappy DTV movies.

There are a few things to like about this one.  For starters, the antagonist is played by the always likable John Schneider, even if he is hamming it up to eleven here.  And man oh man, is his hair awesome.  The rest of the cast is mostly bad, some laughably so, but that kind of seems like the point.  At times, the acting really is reminiscent of the recent classic Birdemic: Shock and Terror, and that is always a great thing.  The shark effects are terrible, but when have direct-to-video effects NOT been?  The script is crap and the story is a joke, but the movie seems to be pretty aware of its badness.

It's not quite like a Syfy movie where they aren't even trying; they seem to take strides in Super Shark to make sure it's awful.  This kind of self-awareness does help the film be a little funnier than it might have been if it were just another generic shark movie.  You can probably skip this unless you're just a really big C-Movie fan.  If you love the dumb Syfy fare, then you'll probably enjoy the almost 90 minutes this has to offer.  And hey, you aren't going to find many movies where a shark walks up on land to fight a walking tank.

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