Monday, April 2, 2012

Rubber (2010) - Review

Rubber is an odd little film about a tire that comes to life and blows up things with its psychic powers. Sounds weird? It is. It's a very strange highly "meta" movie complete with an audience in the movie watching the spectacle and occasionally commenting on how little sense it makes. The beginning of the film explains that it's a movie with "no reason", and it takes those words to heart.

It's an absurd premise to be sure, but it gets so weird halfway through the film that the killer tire thing actually makes the most sense out of anything. The big problem with the film is that it's weird for the sake of being weird. The movie doesn't really make any kind of point, at least certainly not one that's made clear at all. No, instead the film tries to be wacky while playing things very straight. Some of it works; the movie is deceptively funny at first, but eventually it does wear thin.

As far as the technical aspects of the film, everything is great.  It's incredibly well-shot, and the wobbly nature of the tire's movement actually goes a long way in giving the tire some personality, despite the fact that it has no motive or dialogue (thankfully).  The director certainly knows his craft and there are some pretty cool shots as well as special effects (even if they overuse the same special effect repeatedly throughout the film).  The soundtrack is also excellent and really brings the movie to life with a variety of tracks; some bounce along while others have a creepier undertone to highlight the darker aspects of the film.  It's far from a great film, but certainly an interesting one.  It was a cool experiment and surely one of a kind, if nothing else.

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