Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ferocious Planet (2011) - Review

Ferocious Planet is a part of the Syfy channel's "Manhunter" series of films; in summation, it's a movie involving a big group of people versus a giant monster. You know the Manhunter films are good, as seen by some previous entries in the series such as High Plains Invaders and Carny. Basically the plot is as follows: through the power of SCIENCE!, the government is able to open a gateway into another dimension, but something goes awry and some soldiers and other people get stuck in the other dimension. Main soldier guy and love interest girl must then find a way out while everyone else just kind of waits around to die. And that, in a nutshell, is Ferocious Planet.

Don't be fooled by the semi-cool looking cover for the movie. Director Billy O'Brien obviously made this movie with the change that he found under his couch cushions. It's sad when a low budget show like Buffy was doing better CGI work ten years ago. How low on the food chain is Syfy anyway? But I'm just being unfair; nobody goes into a Syfy movie expecting anything other than a one-star. And you know what? This is no different.

I mean it's not that bad really; no worse than any other Syfy movie. It's a little boring, but it does have some funny moments, particularly surrounding some of the pretty hilariously bad death scenes. It's also kind of nice to just sit and marvel at the awful monster as well. Plus it's a fairly short movie, just under an hour and a half, so you're really not wasting that much time. So honestly, this is a terrible movie in pretty much every aspect. But if you like these kinds of movies then you probably know what to expect, and shall enjoy its badness for what it's worth. Which isn't much.

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